How to Use User Activity Reports Feature

This topic describes how to use User Activity Reports.

This feature allows you to generate unique reports for each user with data about his visit and send them to him on e-mail.

First you need to make a list of users to specify how it can be distinguished in the log files (IP or Login) and specify its email.

1. Select Settings from the Profiles menu.

2. Click Visitors (1) to open the Profile Dialog Box.

3. Click Add (2) in the opened window, specify the user settings.

4. In user properties it is necessary to specify a Name (3), e-mail (4), Login or IP (5).

5. Save profile properties.

6. Specify the settings of your SMTP server. Menu -> View -> Global Settings (6-7).

That's all, then you click on the Analyze icon in the toolbar and in the popup window select User Activity Reports

You can also set up a scheduler for this task.