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What's New in Log Analytics Sense

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28-May-2020 Log Analytics Sense 3.2

+ New date ranges filter: This year's report
+ New date ranges filter: Last year's report
+ New date ranges filter: Last and this year's repor

10-August-2019 Log Analytics Sense 3.1

+ New report: Domains (2 levels, all Analysis).
+ New sub-report: Domains (2 levels, all Analysis).

10-January-2019 Log Analytics Sense 3.0

+ New report: Request method (Web Analysis)
+ New field: 'Request method' in Raw Log Items report. (Web Analysis)
+ New sub-report: by Request method (Web Analysis)
- Several bugs fixed.

19-July-2018 Log Analytics Sense 2.9.1

# Minor GUI improvements.

17-February-2018 Log Analytics Sense 2.9

+ New command: Open active item in Browser.
+ New feature: Print history log.
+ Test button on the properties window of log files.
- Several bugs fixed.

10-October-2017 Log Analytics Sense 2.8.5

# Improvements start/stop scheduler Windows service.

05-June-2017 Log Analytics Sense 2.8

+ New Action type: User Activity Reports.
+ New menu command: Clone profile.
+ New global option: SMTP Settings.
+ New menu command: Stop and Remove Scheduler Services.
+ New global option: Check the scheduler service at startup.
- Several bugs fixed.

22-May-2017 Log Analytics Sense 2.7

# New SMTP client.
# Improvements start/stop Scheduler.
+ New Log File option: Load Log Files to Storage at Startup.
+ Changing Report Default Display Font (global properties).
- Show Parsing Error bug fixes.
- PNG chart bugs fixed.
- Several bugs fixed.

14-April-2017 Log Analytics Sense 2.6.1

- Activation web server bug fixed.
- Scheduler bugs fixed.
# Minor GUI improvements.

28-March-2017 Log Analytics Sense 2.6

+ New reports: Tracked files (All Analysis).
+ Search for lines matching the regular expression, and print them, like unix command grep.
+ Improvements Menu and toolbar (Analyse command).
- Addition fields in custom reports bugs fixed.
- Several bugs fixed.

26-January-2017 Log Analytics Sense 2.5

# Reduced memory usage in queries.
# Improvements Pie and Chart.
# Improvements Summary data.
# Improvements Displaying a Tooltip.
# Improvements Compare to Past reports.
+ Visitors field (Proxy Server Analysis).
# Minor improvements reports: Paths, Keywords (Web Analysis).
- Custom Reports bugs fixed.
- Several bugs fixed.
# Minor GUI improvements.
# Minor improvements.

24-November-2016 Log Analytics Sense 2.4

# Improvements export repor to e-mail format.

04-November-2016 Log Analytics Sense 2.3

+ New report: Goals report (Web Analysis, enterprise edition).
+ New report: Robots Tree (Web Analysis).
+ New workspace bookmark: Goals (Web Analysis).
# Improvements the allocation and deallocation of memory in queries.
# Minor improvements context report menu.
- Several bugs fixed.

06-September-2016 Log Analytics Sense 2.2.1

- Fixed memory leak bug.

12-Jule-2016 Log Analytics Sense 2.2

# Improvements processing log files.
# Improvements multithreaded processing log files.

23-June-2016 Log Analytics Sense 2.1

+ Multithreaded processing log files (Enterprise edition).
+ New workspace bookmark: Multi-thread.
# Minor improvements.

16-May-2016 Log Analytics Sense 2.0

+ Built-in web server
+ New bookmark Servers
+ Minor improvements content menu
+ New column 'Web servers' in profiles list
+ New profiles contexn menu item 'Add Web Server'

16-April-2016 Log Analytics Sense 1.8

+ Support for UTF-8 HTML has been introduced. Now the HTML reports are created in UTF-8.
# Parsing logs about 15% faster.
# Improvements Detect of search engines.
# Minor GUI improvements.
- Fixed some crash parsing problems.

23-March-2016 Log Analytics Sense 1.7

+ Sort of sub-reports in popularity in the context menu.
# Minor improvements context menu.
- Several bugs fixed.

08-February-2016 Log Analytics Sense 1.6

# Improved performance and memory usage.
# Improvements Whois window.
# Minor improvements grep search.
# Minor GUI improvements.
- Several bugs fixed.

06-January-2016 Log Analytics Sense 1.5

+ New report: Pay-per-click (Web Analysis).
+ New workspace bookmark: Pay-per-click.
# Improvements processing log files.
# Web Server Analysis: improvements IP/host list filter.

07-December-2015 Log Analytics Sense 1.4

+ Summary Log Files Info window.
+ Add to your favorite list as graphs/charts.
+ Supports MikroTik Web Proxy log file format.
- Referring Categories report bug fixed (Web Server and Media Server Analysis).
- Site Categories report bug fixed (Proxy Server Analysis).
# Minor GUI improvements.
# Minor improvements.
- Several bugs fixed.

11-November-2015 Log Analytics Sense 1.3.1

- Some processing log files bugs fixed.
# Minor scheduler improvements.

29-October-2015 Log Analytics Sense 1.3

+ Work with command line parameter.
+ Support Custom log file format.
# Minor GUI improvements.
- Several bugs fixed.

07-October-2015 Log Analytics Sense 1.2.1

- Web Server Analysis: Pie and chart bugs fixed.

16-September-2015 Log Analytics Sense 1.2

+ Web Server Analysis: On-the-fly filters window mode.
+ Media Server Analysis: On-the-fly filters window mode.
+ Proxy Server Analysis: On-the-fly filters window mode.
# Improve large log files support.
# Improvements caching and processing log files.
# Minor improvements.
- Several bugs fixed.

24-August-2015 Log Analytics Sense 1.1

+ Improved performance and memory usage.
+ Select Multiple Records (Gray+).
+ New global properties: Site Categories - category editor.
+ New global properties: Blank if zero (report columns).
+ Print Profiles/Locations/Schedules/History list.
# Minor improvements.

23-May-2015 Log Analytics Sense 1.0

# Minor improvements icons in history window.
# Improvements: Unique path to generate reports.
+ When you activate the scheduler add it to autostart.
+ Check scheduler service activity on startup.
- Some generating HTML reports bugs fixed.
# Minor report context menu improvements.
# Minor GUI improvements.

16-Mar-2015 Log Analytics Sense 1.0 Beta.

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